Smooth & Radiant skin

Hydro-dermabrasion $85

Hydro-dermabrasion treatment abrades the outermost layer of the skin, erasing imperfections and leaving a smoother and radiant skin.

Hydro-dermabrasion is the new version of microdermabrasion. Non-invasive procedure, instantly reveals your underneath skin with a beautiful glowing effect. We use Aqua Foam Peel which soften the dead skin cells to then proceed with the mechanical exfoliation with Hydro-dermabrasion machine. This treatment removes impurities, blackheads, soften fine lines or wrinkles and acne scars, remove superficial pigmentation or discoloration to give an even skin tone. For acne scars it’s recommended to combine with other treatments such as peels or micro-needling.  Series will depend on you skin condition, how deep is the scars or pigmentation. 




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