Customized Facial $110

Customize your skin treatment for results you want. Aesthetician will customized your treatment depending your skin condition selecting the right ingredients focused on your concerns. Hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, blackheads, dryness, redness.

Detox Deep Pore Treatment $85

Detox Deep Pore Treatment is cleansing (blackheads removal) is an excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types. The active ingredients AHA and BHA will exfoliates and penetrates pores to dissolve impactions of blackheads and promote a purified and clear complexion.

European Facial $65

Relaxing facial involve cleansing with effleurage movements and massage to stimulates circulation, collagen production, oxygenate the skin tissues, hydrate, release toxins and increase lymphatic flow.

Hydrating Facial $85

Indicated for All Skin Types but more for dry or Sensitive skin types, with impaired barrier, skin in harsh or cold climates, deeply moisturizes the skin and improves the skin’s protective barrier.
Key benefits include: Powerful hydrating ingredients including oats kernel extract that helps retain vital moisture in the skin. Calming and soothing skincare products to instantly feel more calm and hydrated.

Oxygenating Trio Facial $85

Oxygenating Trio is a three-step formulation that contains antioxidants and enzymes that leave skin smooth, purified and glowing. Deeply oxygenate your skin killing all the bacteria caused by acne. 

Men Facial $65

Facial is designed to clear, hydrate and revitalize men’s skin. Due to excessive oil production in men’s skin, special skincare products will reduce the oil secretion while increase the hydration in sessions. This facial it’s excellent for maintenance, skin with occasional pimples, recommended once a month.




Therapeutic Acne Treatment $95

Healing, curative facial treatment for acne or breakout-prone skin, oily skin with hyper-keratolytic buildup. This is a purifying and calming facial with acne treatment to promote a clear complexion. Minimal discomfort during the treatment. 

Skin Brightening Facial $85

“This advanced treatment immediately brightens and strengthens skin through gentle, yet powerful enzymatic and AHA exfoliation. A host of botanicals extracts, enzymes, and antioxidants provide unparalleled anti-inflammatory benefits for glowing skin.” Fruits extracts from papaya, apples, orange, and green tea will brighten dull complexion and exfoliate, leaving the skin with a healthy glow. Brightening and Lightening skin is immediately visible in the first session.

Anti-Aging Facial $85

Facial to minimize and prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles, strength and firm the skin with facial massages to stimulate the blood circulation, release toxins and strength the muscles of the face. Botox Ex-Line Serum will be applied over the skin. Can be combined with other treatments such as Hydro-dermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, or Micro-needling.




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